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Platform and Tennis Reservations

1. All program reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  Late bookings will not be accepted unless approved by the Tennis Director personally. You can only reserve for programs or courts via phone or in person with the Pro Shop staff.  E-mail registrations do not suffice.

2. All non-contract indoor court and all platform tennis reservations must be made by phone or in person with our Pro Shop staff. Members may reserve at any time for "open time" courts.
3. Our Club juniors have "walk-on" privileges which means that juniors may book an open court 15 minutes or less before that court time begins.
4. Play pass holders may now book up to 24 hours in advance. All players booked must have a play pass for this privilege.  If you need clarification of the rules for the play pass please speak to the tennis director or the captain.